We are all sons and daughters of God, but what does that really mean? 

Our earliest experiences, for better and for worse, are born out of that identity as a son or a daughter of our parents. Many of us have known the comfort and security of being loved and cared for by loving parents.  Others of us have felt pain and insecurity in relationship with those who we have looked to for comfort and connection.   

How we see our parents and our families is such a personal and varied experience. It is impossible to come to our relationship with our Heavenly Father apart from the experiences that have shaped us in our earthly relationships with a mother or a father.

God understands that.  

If He is the good Father that we proclaim Him to be, then He is patient with us, inviting His Presence into our situations so that we can begin to experience Him for Who He really is.  

I believe it is our Heavenly Father’s desire to heal the wounds we have experienced from our mothers and fathers, even from our brothers and sisters, so that we can see Him for Who He is and also accept our fathers, our mothers, our families as the broken sons and daughters that they are.  

We are all sons and daughters.  Even our mothers and our fathers.  

Where are you in your view of God?  Is He a good, loving Father?  Or is He a faraway deity?  Maybe you see Him as a demanding dictator?  Or maybe He is a Creator who is too busy to be bothered with you…  

However you see Him, take a moment to explore what you really believe about who He is.  Take a moment to look at your own understanding of what a father is.  Much of this will likely be born out of your own experience in your family.  I want to challenge you to invite the Reality of Who He is into your own experience.  Let Him heal your heart.  Let Him heal your emotions.  He sees your hurt, He feels your pain. Let Him heal your father wounds…

Ask yourself:

  • What did I experience in my earthly father, step-father?
  • Was my father really present with me physically?  Emotionally?  Spiritually?
  • How did I feel in the presence of my father?  Comforted?  Afraid?  Ashamed?
  • Did my father bless me?  What was my experience of that blessing or lack thereof?
  • What did I learn from my father?


Ask the Lord:

  • God, what do you believe about me?  
  • Do you like what You see in me?  What about the areas of my life that are not what they should be?
  • God, do You want to be with me?  What does that look like?  What does that feel like?
  • God, what do You want to offer me right now?  Show me what I need from You – comfort, encouragement, acceptance, truth, love…
  • Heavenly Father, what blessing do You want to offer me?  Have I received my birthright, the blessing of my sonship?  If not, how can I receive that more fully from You?
  • God, what do You desire to teach me, to show me?  Help me open my heart to Your guidance, Your wisdom, Your love…

Often, in changing our perceptions, or our understanding of Who God is, we must change what we are making agreement(s) with.  Listen to the prayer below and pray this prayer, agreeing with who God says He is as our Heavenly Father…